Blue Ridge Broadcasters

Start with some of the most hard-driving and blue ribbon winning younger old-time musicians on the scene. Add their time spent learning at the feet of older masters. Combine a love of tradition with a desire to create fresh, meaningful old-time music, and you get the Blue Ridge Broadcasters.

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  1. West Fork Girls: from Wilson Douglas, fiddle ADAE, banjo aDADE

  2. Stagga Lee

  3. Salt River: from Benton Flippen, fiddle GDAE, banjo aEAC#E

  4. Bear Chase: from Jimmy Triplett, fiddle ADAE, banjo aDADE

  5. All Night Long: from Willie “Rabbit” Taylor via Dick Burnett & Leonard Rutherford, banjo gCGBD

  6. Broad Run Picnic: from John Ashby and the Free State Ramblers, fiddle GDAE, banjo gDGBD

  7. Hay Mow: from Garry Harrison, fiddle AEAE, banjo aEAC#E

  8. Six Months Ain’t Long: from Leonard Rutherford & John Foster and the Stanley Brothers, banjo gDGBD

  9. June Apple: fiddle AEAE, banjo aEAC#E

  10. Merriweather: from Clyde Davenport, fiddles GDAE

  11. Cumberland Gap: fiddle ADAE, banjo aDADE

  12. Trouble in Mind

  13. Farewell Princeton/Five Miles From Town/The Lost Girl: from Clyde Davenport, fiddle ADAE, banjo aDADE

  14. Lonely Tombs: from the Watson Family and the Stanley Brothers, banjo f#DADE

Total Running Time 37:32

Emily Schaad: fiddle

Joseph Decosimo: banjo and fiddle (Track 10)

Doug Sharkey: guitar

Joseph Dejarnette: bass

Produced by The Blue Ridge Broadcasters

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio 808A, Floyd, VA

© 2018 Blue Ridge Broadcasters. All rights reserved.